Steden Buitenland / China

Jo-Si-Wo, between Tyen-Tsing-Wey and Beijing – Peking
Copperengraving, not coulored
Condition: good, very faint waterstain lower left corner

Jacques Nicolas Bellin.
Jo Si Wo entre Tyen-Tsing-Wey et Peking, tiré de Nieuhof.

Paris, c.1760. 210 x 290mm. A view of Jo Si Wo after Nieuhof, here engraved by Schley for a Dutch edition of the Bellin/Prévost ‘Histoire des Voyages’. Nieuhof describes the place: ‘The place is small, but well-built, has a wealthy suburb, and drives a great trade. The revenue arising from the custom paid by vessels is very considerable’.

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View of Quang-Cheu-Fu also known as Canton
Copperplate engraving, image 7 x 11 1/2 inches (18 x 29 cm) on sheet 10 1/4 x 15 inches, two vertical folds as issued, fine condition. A striking view of the important trade city of Canton one of the first treaty ports. The harbor is a riot of activity with ships of all sizes and shapes; the image is after the work of Joan Nieuhof whose 17th century views were amongst the earliest reliable reports of China. Nieuhof was traveling as a member of a Dutch East India embassy eager to establish trade relations with China. Here engraved by Schley for a Dutch edition of the Bellin/Prévost ‘Histoire des Voyages’.

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